Professional Offerings

Since 1995, Leigh and Mark have designed and implemented programs that provide educational training and relational skill building to professionals in the domains of health, education, law enforcement, social justice, child protection, addictions, trauma, and psychotherapy. The majority of their programs are built as direct service to individuals, families, groups, and teams within our community. The following represents some of the work they have offered over the years.

Leigh’s professional offerings:

Healing Arts Project:  A 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to raising awareness and entering into dialogue about serious social concerns in our community. (retired)

MSOTA: Montana Sex Offender Treatment Association Focus: psychosexual evaluation & treatment of offenders and victims; Trauma and Victims of violence (retired/clinical)

Resiliency & Girls: Educational and process oriented for girls involved in the legal system. Focus: Social Aggression

Mother Daughter Program: Educational and process oriented program for moms and their daughters. Focus: Relationship building through developmental challenges

Laughter, Sweat, and Tears: Educational and process oriented program for teen aged girls. Focus: Leadership and stewardship and mindfulness

Working with Challenging Young Women: Education and training for clinicians, school staff, and law enforcement.  Focus: Trauma and self harm

Mark’s professional offerings:

Music Therapy: Focus: Healing trauma and emotional discord through Music

Starr Commonwealth Response Ability Pathways (R.A.P.) Reclaiming Youth International: Focus: Broad spectrum restorative resilience training for adults who work with at risk youth and families

Compassionate Parenting: Focus: Insight and Skill building for parents.

Pathways: Focus: Clinical Group Process on Secondary Traumatic Stress for staff in acute care psychiatric setting

Parenting Plan Evaluations / Guardian ad Litem: (Inactive) 

Leigh and Mark’s professional offerings: 

Youth In Need of Intervention Program: Intensive outpatient family program based in education, training, and process and utilized exclusively by DPHHS and the 11th District Court for a span of 18 years.

Integrative Family Program: The next evolution of the Youth in Need of Intervention Program is an intensive outpatient family program based in education, training, and psychotherapeutic process utilized by social service agencies, Youth Court family Court, and DFS.

Working with Complex Family Systems: Training for clinicians, support staff, and Child Protective Services social workers. Focus: Trauma and Nodal events contextualized toward healing the broken bonds of relationship.

Creating and Working with Groups: Educational training and process for clinicians and school staff. Focus: Building blocks of functional group design.

Family Conflict Resolution Program: Family based conflict resolution program offered in collaboration with Center for Restorative Youth Justice

Broken to Budo:  Educational training and process for clinicians, Child Protective Services, and Therapeutic Group home staff. Focus: Trauma, Assessment, Intervention, and continuity of care.

Building Professional Identity training series: Educational training and process for individuals, teams, and non profit organizations. Focus: Leadership, Ethics, Stewardship

The Embodied Conversation:  Educational, skill building, and process oriented training series. Focus: Personal leadership and Ultimate concern.

Emotional Literacy: Based on the martial wisdom practice of Aikido, a credit class for students at Linderman Education Center.

Embodiment of Peace Matrix©: Proprietary practice based template for psycho-social-spiritual development derived from transpersonal somatic theory and Aikido.

International Peace Dojo: Aiki Extensions

Adjunct faculty FVCC:  Aikido