Intregal Chant

Music Therapy and Integral Chant

The world of musical expression has touched virtually every soul on the planet, especially in the realms of spiritual traditions in every culture. It has moved the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. It has been instrumental in social and cultural revolution connecting us with inner power and inner peace.

Are you interested in deepening your heart connection with self and others through music and chant?

Are you called to enter the world of sound and rhythm to explore and navigate obstacles and avenues for resolution of disharmonious emotional states and traumatic bonds?

The many modes and stages of our music healing process engage participants and invite you to connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you. In utilizing the Psycho-Spiritual Dimension of Music, we utilize clinically effective approaches  in a Transpersonal Somatic context as a specific portal to a deeper connection with self and the world to offer:

Kirtan: Sacred rhythm, chant, and dance in group format.

Presence: Developing and expanding skills for solo and ensemble expression (on any instrument or voice)

Release: Expressive platforms for working through anxiety, depression, and other cognitive and emotional difficulties. (Includes psychotherapeutic intervention)

Healing: Exploring avenues for easing away from the bonds of trauma. (Includes psychotherapeutic intervention)

Silence: Resting in the space behind the cacophony. (Mindfulness and concentration practices)

Rhythm Circles: Grounded breath and heart practices. (Includes drumming and pranayama)

Mark’s journey through music began when he was very young. His 50+ years in music includes a degree in music (performance and education), a career in classical performance, improvisation, composition and song writing, as well as offering music studies in private and group settings.