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Drawing from the headwaters of wisdom traditions, we offer in depth study, education, and embodiment practices focusing on the exploration of the evolution of consciousness.

Contemplative arts:  

Find and explore an embodied language that speaks to you as you begin forging your personal wisdom template. The bedrock of wisdom templates can be found in many perennial wisdom paths and are centered around the axis of the contemplative encounter – the contagious energy of awakening. Guidance in the contemplative arts and the lineages of the awakened heart.

A place where the sacrament of encounter is dedicated to the transformation of consciousness in daily life.

The hunger for practical wisdom and a direct experience of harmony and transformation runs wide and deep in our contemporary culture. If that rings true for you as well, guidance in the contemplative arts may be of interest.

Guidance in:

♥ Sitting and Moving Meditative Practices

♥ Wisdom Templates

♥ Wisdom Council and Mentoring


Aikido is the martial wisdom practice of peace and reconciliation. Grounded in sacred cosmology and exemplary in its relevancy to the concerns of our current times. The art offers an exploration of a precise lineage of wisdom geared towards deeper connection and participation with our essential self.

Aikido, the Japanese martial practice of peace and wisdom, founded by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) has its roots in the inherent harmony of creation wherein Love is the shape of everything. It is the study of the energetic field, the One body in all its complex dualities; a vast path of the study of a unitive mystery, connection within the Divine.

Aikido is not a religion and embraces people from all faiths and practices. At a deeper and more essential level, the level that O’ Sensei points us toward, Aikido is a spiritual path aligning it’s practitioners with the natural laws of the Universe. It shows and invites us by method and practice to directly experience our innate interconnectedness and Unity with each other.


"We are here for no other reason than to celebrate our inner divinity and our innate enlightenment."


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