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Opportunities to directly experience our innate interconnectedness and unity with each other and the natural world through shared embodied conversations and gatherings.

Embodied Conversation:

We live in a participatory world. We cannot say something is, without being involved in it. We can use the wisdom of the body to quite literally practice professional excellence and personal mastery. Within the various types of relationships we encounter there are significant opportunities to deepen conversations. This multi-part workshop is designed around the principles of embodiment and the practices of an integrated somatic approach to authentic presence and more effective communication and aliveness.

Founded in the enrichment of spirit, this training series is tailored to help individuals build an exemplary personal and professional life. Each level is designed to work with the principles and practices of Self-Mastery, Professional Excellence, and Superior Ethical Standards with an emphasis on vision, presence, and purpose. We focus on enhancing personal and professional competencies directly supporting an individual’s or teams’ core commitments, ultimate concerns, and interests.

This workshop is offered once a year or by group or team request. Please drop us a note if you have an interest.


Music is a foundational contemplative practice in cultures around the globe. Come explore music as a therapeutic modality, a contemplative embodied practice of exploring the depths of human expression.



July 27-29 2018
Growing Edge Training with Reclaiming Youth at Risk
Black Hills Seminars 25th Anniversary
Two Rivers will once again be presenting their
Embodiment of Peace Matrix©:
a template and practice for psycho-social-spiritual development emphasizing restoration of the broken bonds of trust and building  resilience through positive psychology focused on marginalized youth and families.

"You cannot shake hands with a closed fist.”   


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