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We are a counseling and consulting organization dedicated to fostering wholeness, depth, and reverence in the heart and mind of humanity.

Our approach is holistic and integrative, grounded in sound clinical practice and in alliance with contemplative wisdom traditions.


Leigh Schickendantz, MA, LCPC

I consider myself a native of Montana, having nested here since 1964. Living, playing, and working in the Flathead Valley are but a few of the loves of my life.

My interests and concern in human potential and planetary wholeness and wellness has been the driveshaft and informed much if not all of my professional life.  My professional path began in the early 1990’s in the field of hospice and has continued on through the years working with individuals, families, teams, and organizations in counseling and consulting, design and implementation of intensive integrative family and youth programs, embodied leadership workshops and retreats in local and international settings, clinical trainings for school staff, juvenile justice, Department of Health and Human Services, and therapeutic group homes and the formation of a non profit organization. My husband Mark, who is the love of my life, began Two Rivers Consulting with me as part of our life vision together.

Aikido is also a piece of our vision. I have been a practitioner of Aikido since being introduced to the art in 1987 and now, alongside my husband, own and manage Two Rivers Aikido. The art offers an exquisite foundation to study presence, qualities of aliveness and relationship, conflict, and peace.  We are an international peace dojo teaching martial skill, peacemaking, and practical wisdom.

The learning never ends and I continue to stand on the shoulders of teachers and mentors who have helped pave the way. A deep bow of respect to Cathy Ferguson, Sensei's: George Leonard, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Cynthia Bourgeault, Jim Finley, and Buddhi.

Mark Leitzel, MA, LCPC

In 1995 Mark co-founded Two Rivers Consulting with his best friend and beloved partner Leigh. In 33 years of human service work, he has come to more fully realize that since we grow up in a family and this is the foundation for our life journey, people change and grow in their lives through deepening their connection to self through repairing and restoring their relationship to family and community,  with respect for the guidance of the teachers and mentors that have come before in the him lineage of the positive psychology movement started by Anna Freud and August Eichhorn, passed to Karl Menninger to Larry Brendtro who leads Reclaiming Youth at Risk.

In our consulting practice, Mark has, as well as his private practice, worked in camps, group homes, corrections environments, and has worked closely with juvenile justice organizations, family courts, and child and family services. He has developed and implemented highly effective and internationally recognized intensive family therapy programs, and managed teams in both clinical and administrative spheres.

He also manages (with his wife Leigh) Two Rivers Aikido; a school based in martial wisdom traditions teaching the art of peacemaking. Through this reconciliation process we have the opportunity to transform our personal and relational conflicts into a common ground for increasing global peace.

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